The Other Canon is 'Reality Economics', the study of the economy as a real object, not defined in terms of the adoption of core assumptions and techniques. A production-based economic theory where economic development is an intrinsically uneven process, The Other Canon provides tools for political economy, economic development and industrial policy.

"..a fascinating overview of how contemporary economics came to follow its historic path, and of a different route it might have, and may yet, pursue."
.Robert Heilbroner on the paper 'The Role of the State in Economic Growth' (downloadable on this page), in 'The Wordly Philosophers', 7th Edition, 1999, page 329-330.
"Since western mainstream economics and traditional Marxism economics still dominate Chinese economics, your honourable work will benefit the development of our academic society a lot!"
Genliang Jia, Professor of Economics, Nankai University, China.
"The 'Other Canon' is just my position, without knowing it."
Prof. Frances Stewart, Director, Centre for Development Studies, Oxford University.

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